Hegemonie & Computer

Hegemony and Computer – it is really a great thing to have both. And Hegemonie und Computer can go well together. Computer means knowledge, and knowledge gives hegemony over all the people who have less knowledge.

Knowledge alone may not be a reason of hegemony. But a computer will help you not only to get knowledge. Today there is such a huge possibility to store datas that there is really a great part of human knowledge available. And then the connection to the internet! The world wide web helps you to find new knowledge within seconds. You must not read books, you must not correspondend with any scienctists, you must not visit oral presentations or similar meetings – a computer provides you with almost every kind of the knowledge you want. So you are able to get more knowledge as ever before. And such a base of knowledge will never become obsolete (www.ra-odebralski.de

Hegemonie und Computer – a good thing if you use it in the right way. Surely you can also abuse the knowledge, you can use it in a wrong way for example and cause damage to other people. But you would not like to harm somebody. It is better to use knowledge in a fair way, and this will conserve your hegemony. May be that other people are jealous of you if you have the better computer or the faster running internet. But the technical advancement will also be recognized  by your grudger. But if you do wrong as a hegemonist then you can get enemies. Not all people have got a social mindset. There are also selfish people and their way of thinking is not to accept any advantage of another. This are really enemies, and you must be prepared to defend. Look at the world! Hegemonie und Computer are a good thing but sometimes dangerous.

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